stone pullers
stone pullers

Always a family favourite, the Stone Pullers competition is on again for 2024!

We are announcing some important changes for this year's event.

  • For the 1050 and 1250 stock alcohol/race fuel classes are added to the Stock  By adding these 2 classes we are encouraging more kids to compete in the 1000 and 1250 stock, and the adults in the 1050 and 1250 SA.  With the remaining very competitive tractors in these new classes. 
  • We are also changing the 750 mod to an 850 mod.  We usually only see 1 or 2 tractors in this class and I have seen a stock tractor beat a modified on a hard track.  Makes for good entertainment.

See you on June 1st, with a 12:00 noon start time.