poultry 2024

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Poultry Show

Huron Central Agricultural Society



Sunday, June 2, 2024 Clinton Community Park (Under the grandstand)

129 Beech Street, Clinton

Contact: Fair Board: 519-482-7925 or Dave: 519-357-4996

Email: [email protected]


Judges: Dave Pauls, Poultry - Gord Edwards, Pigeon

Prizes for 1st $7.00, 2nd $5.00 and 3rd Place $4.00

Entry forms & payment may be sent to:

Huron Central Agricultural Society, Box 1561 Clinton, Ontario N0M 1L0




    1. No Prize Money to unregistered exhibitors. All entry forms must be filled out properly & must include premise ID #0N4228929.

    2. Judging will begin at 9:30 a.m.

    3. Entry fee will be $2.00 per entry for ALL entries.

    4. Entries must be post marked by Sunday May 26, 2024. Make entries payable to Huron Central Agriculture Society.

    5. Membership fee is $5.00. Must be a member of the Huron Central Agricultural Society

    6. All entry fees must accompany entry forms.

    7. In filling out the entry form, please use A for male and B for female along with Class number and please print clearly. In all sections where AC, AOC, AV or AOV is specified, please name the variety or breed and variety in AOV classes.

    8. Exhibitors may show as many entries in any Class as they wish.

    9. The new revised Standard of Perfection shall be the guide of the Judge. The Judge’s decision is final.

    10. Any bird(s) showing signs of sickness will be removed from the showroom immediately. This will be strictly enforced.

    11. All reasonable precautions will be taken to protect property, however the Huron Central Agricultural Society will not be held responsible for any losses.

    12. All prize monies will have a $5.00 deductible for the 2025 membership. 13. We would appreciate all cheques being cashed by August 31, 2024




100. Plymouth Rock, Barred

105. Rhode Island Red

101. Plymouth Rock, White

106. New Hampshire

102. Plymouth Rock, AOC

107. Jersey Giant, AC

103. Wyandotte, White

108. Chantecler, AC

104. Wyandotte, AOC

109. AOV American (named)



110. Brahma, AC

112. Langshan, AC

111. Cochin, AC




113. Australorp

116. Sussex, AC

114. Orpington, Buff

117. Dorking, AC

115. Orpington, AOC

118. AOV English (named)



119. Leghorn, White

122. Minorca, AC

120. Leghorn, Brown

123. Anconas

121. Leghorn, AOC

124. AOV Mediterranean (named)



125. Hamburg, AC

127. Polish, AC

126. Marans, AC

128. AOV Continental (named)


Any Other Standard Breed

129. Ameraucana, AC 131

131. AOV AOSB (named)

130. Guinea Fowl, AC





200. OE, Black

204. OE, Brown Red

201. OE, Black Red

205. OE, AOC

202. OE, Blue

206. Modern, AC

203. OE, Silver Duckwing





207. Plymouth Rock, Barred

217. Leghorn, SC AOC

208. Plymouth Rock, White

218. Road Island Red


209. Plymouth Rock, AOC

219. Dutch, Light Brown

210. Japanese, White

220. Dutch, Cream Light Brown

211. Japanese, Black

221. Dutch, Blue, AC

212. Japanese, Black Tailed Buff

222. Dutch, AOC Solid

213. Japanese, Black Tailed White

223. Dutch, AOC Parti

214. Japanese, AOC

224. Serama, AOC

215. Leghorn, SC White

225. AOV SCCL (named)

216. Leghorn, SC Brown




226. Wyandotte, White

231. Leghorn, RC AC

227. Wyandotte, Black

232. Seabright, AC

228. Wyandotte, Partridge

233. Rosecomb, AC

229. Wyandotte, Silver Laced

234. Hamburg, AC

230. Wyandotte, AOC

235. AOV RCCL (named)



236. Cornish, AC

238. Polish, AC

237. Chantecler, AC

239. AOV AOCCL (named)



240. Cochin, Black

248. Silkie, Black

241. Cochin, White

249. Silkie, White

242. Cochin, Buff

250. Silkie, Blue

243. Cochin, AOC

251. Silkie, AOC

244. Brahma, Buff

252. Belgian D’Uccle, AC

245. Brahma, Dark

253. Booted, AV

246. Brahma, Light

254. AOV Feather Leg (named)

247. Brahma, AOC






300. Embden

303. China, AC

301. Toulouse, AC

304. Pomeranian, AC

302. African

305. AOV (named)





400. Rouen

407. Black East Indie

401. Pekin

408. Call, Gray

402. Muscovy, AC

409. Call, White

403. Cayuga

410. Call, Snowy

404. Buff

411. Call, AOC

405. Indian Runner, AC

412. AOV (named)

406. Indian Runner, White





500. Bronze

501. AOV (named)

502. Royal Palm

503. Black Spanish

504. White Holland

505. Narragansett

506. Blue Slate




600. Racing Homers, AOC

606. Modena Gazzi, AC

601. Show Homer, AOC

607. Tipplers, AC

602. Fantail, AOC

608. Helmets

603. Show Rollers, AOC

609. Flying Rollers, AOC

604. German Owls, AOC

610. Chinese Owls, AOC

605. Tumblers, AOC

611. AOV (named)



700. AOV (small)

701. AOV (large & medium)






Grand Champion Large Fowl – Rosette

Reserve Grand Champion Large Fowl – Rosette


Grand Champion Bantam – Rosette

Reserve Grand Champion Bantam – Rosette


Grand Champion Goose – Rosette

Reserve Grand Champion Goose – Rosette


Grand Champion Duck – Rosette

Reserve Grand Champion Duck – Rosette


Grand Champion Turkey – Rosette

Reserve Grand Champion Turkey – Rosette


Grand Champion Pigeon – Rosette

Reserve Grand Champion – Rosette


Grand Champion Large Fowl: Trophy donated by William and Mary McLean

Grand Champion Bantam: Trophy in memory of Orville Shewfelt

Grand Champion Bird of Show: Trophy in memory of Cliff and Laura Pepper

Grand Champion Waterfowl: Trophy donated by Don Beirnes

Grand Champion Pigeon: Trophy donated in memory of Chanie Savile

Grand Champion Turkey: Trophy donated by Jim and Janet Cameron




Best Bird of Show - $100.00 & Trophy

Sponsored By Jerome Sweeny


Reserve Bird of Show - $50.00 & Trophy

Sponsored By Providence Farm


Best Bantam Chicken

Best Goose

Best Turkey

Best Standard Best Pigeon

Best Bantam Duck

Best Heavy Duck

Best Light Duck

Best Overall Waterfowl




Open to Exhibitors 16 years and under. $2.00 entry fee for all entries. All Open Class rules apply.



700. Large Fowl, Solid Colour AV

710. Duck, Call AOC

701. Large Fowl, Part Colour AV

711. Duck, AOV

702. Bantam, Game AV

712. Geese, AV

703. Bantam, Single Comb Clean Leg AV

713. Pigeon, Rollers AC

704. Bantam, Wyandotte, AC

714. Pigeon, Homers AC

705. Bantam, Rose Comb Clean Leg AV

715. Pigeon, Chinese Owls AC

706. Bantam, Any Other Comb Clean Leg AV

716. Pigeon, AOV

707. Bantam, Brahma, AC

717. Rabbits, AV

708. Bantam, Feather Leg AV

718. Guinea Pigs AV

709. Duck, Call White



Junior Specials:

Champion Large Fowl – Rosette

Reserve Champion Large Fowl – Rosette


Champion Bantam – Rosette Reserve

Champion Bantam – Rosette


Champion Waterfowl – Rosette

Reserve Champion Waterfowl – Rosette


Champion Pigeon – Rosette

Reserve Champion Pigeon – Rosette


Champion Junior of Show – Rosette Reserve

Champion Junior of Show – Rosette