A photography competition between amateur photographers. Let your hobby be seen!

a. Restricted to amateur photographers. Entries by professional photographers will not be judged.    
b. There is no entry fee for exhibiting    and no award will be paid out for this class.
c. Exhibitors are limited to one entry per class.
d. All entries must be under 1MB, 4”x6” colour photo.   Digital photos accepted.
e. All entries will be judged and displayed virtually.
f. Photos considered being objectionable and offensive will not be allowed to compete or be displayed.    

1. Leave room for social distancing
2. Heroes Unite
3. Family moment – show the meaning and spirit of family relationship(s)
4. Pet  portrait
5. Mask (s)
6. Stay Home; Stay Safe
7. Photographer’s Choice

Submit your photos by May 14th to [email protected]