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Livestock Events:


  1. Be sure to get your Exhibitor's number. No prize monies to unregistered exhibitors. All entry forms must be filled out properly before forwarding to the Secretary, Janet Cameron, Box 1561, Clinton, ON, N0M1L0
  2. All stock to be the bona fide property of the exhibitor.    
  3. All livestock must be properly clipped and groomed.
  4. All animals must be identified by pedigree upon entering the ring.
  5. Membership fee is $5.00. Must be member of Huron Central Agricultural Society.
  6. All prize monies will have $5.00 deducted for the 2017 membership
  7. No protest, no appeals, judging commences at time of livestock show.
  8. In the absence of competition in any class, or if the stock shown be of inferior quality or unsound, the judges will award such prizes as they think the animal deserves.
  9. All stallions and purebred stock must be registered or eligible for registration.
  10. The Society shall not be responsible for any loss an exhibitor experiences by fire, accident, neglect of other exhibitors or official or otherwise. This shall be a condition of entry.
  11. Exhibitors shall, if required by the directors, make a statutory declaration that the animal exhibited by them is exhibited in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Society. In case of refusal, all prizes shall be forfeited.
  12. No exhibitor can claim more than two prizes in any class.
  13. We would appreciate all cheques being cashed by August 31, 2017.
  14. All animals must be in the ring within five minutes after the class is called; if not, the class will be judged on time.
  15. Only one prize paid one exhibitor for herd.
  16. No stalls to be bedded until the cattle arrive in the barns.
  17. Cattle are allowed to arrive the night before the show.
  18. Stalls allotted on first come, first serve basis.
  19. Donated prizes subject to change.
  20. Exhibitors of livestock must have proof of one million dollars liability insurance.
  21. The exhibitor shall be the owner as officially recorded on the registration immediately prior to the commencement of the show.
  22. The registration certificate must be available for checking before the show starts.
  23. There is no limit on the number of entries and unlimited substitutions of entries owned by the same exhibitor will be permitted.
  24. No outside alcohol permitted on grounds.
  25. No prize money will be paid if mailing address is incomplete.

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Stone Boat Pull


FRIDAY Gates Open at 4:00 p.m.
General Admission $10.00
Children 6 – 12 Yrs $ 5.00
5 Yrs and Under Free

General Admission $4.00
Children 6 – 12 Yrs $2.00
5 Yrs and under Free